True Stories

TSS customers all seem to have similar stories as to why they are buying a high end sharpener. The stories are so similar I’ll share one.

In December 2010 I get a telephone call from Dr. Dullknives. It turns out Dr. Dullknives is a dentist with a thriving practice and his hobby is to cook for his friends, colleagues and family. His career allows him to “cut no corners” (pun intended). He bought a $1200 set of Henkels Chef knives. Not a normal kitchen set from a department store but a real chef’s set. He loved and used them until they got so dull they were unusable. Mind you, these are a high quality blade with high end steel. The factory edges held up well, but sooner of later every knife needs to be sharpened.

Dr. Dullknives then buys sharpening stones from the local chef supply. Better than nothing but consistent edges are not forthcoming. One time they would be great, the next, not so much. He buys an electronic sharpener, that device mangled the edges badly. He then took them to a professional knife sharpening shop. $160 later his knives were OK but the shop could not fix the worst mangled blades. Flabbergasted, our dear Dr. buys a second set of Henckels. Now he has sharp blades for another year or so.

As that year was nearing to close and he can tell his knives need to be sharpened he sees the Wicked Edge system online and call me for information. I send him links to Clay’s sharpening videos and our Dr. is nearly ready to buy. “Can it fix these mangled edges?” he asks. Then he has an idea. If I will sharpen one of his knives, he’ll pay the postage both ways and if the knives are factory sharp or better he will buy the entire Wicked Edge System!

He send me a 6″ utility knife with a badly mangled bevel. There was a series of evenly spaced gouges from the electric sharpener. OK, I get to work. First I mount the knife in my Wicked Edge and go to town with the 100 grit (100 grit is plenty coarse enough to clean up this edge). In a few minutes I have a knife with a 15° 100 grit finished bevel down the entire length of the 6″ blade. I then go to town getting progressively finer until I have strop polished the bevel with 3.5 micron diamond paste. The bevel is shinier than the blade and cuts better than new. I send it back. I wish I had taken before and after images. It was night and day!

A few days later I get an email with a request for the entire Wicked Edge system with a request for “ongoing training” as needed. I sent him the kit and walked him through one blade. Now the only time I hear from him is if he wants to gift someone a Wicked Edge or when he has made a referral so I can look out for his friend.

My story is similar. Nearly 30 years of exasperation over not being able to restore a knife’s edge. I get versions of this story every week, “I can’t make my knives sharp with other methods, will this work?” Yes! Now go buy a kit!


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